16 May

H&D U13s opened their league campaign hosting Bashley B on Thursday. As the players got on the pitch the showers started but the decision to keep going was the correct one.

Unfortunately Hythe lost the toss and were asked to bat.

Hythe &  Dibden 68 For 8 (12 Overs)


BatsmanHow OutBowlerRuns
1. George RichardsCaughtIVO19
2. Billy ParryBowledA.Bourne0
3. Toby LambleyRun Out10
4. Will AddletonRunOut17
5. *Daniel PrenticeRunOut0
6. Finn HallCaughtJ.Doe4
7. Finn CoppackCaughtIVO3
8. Noah BarringtonNotOut5
9. Drew BennettBowledAley1

Extras : 10 TOTAL 68 For 8

Bashley Rydal B ~ 70 For 1 (7 Overs)

Hythe Bowling

Dan Prentice20120
Finn Hall20100
Billy Parry10110
George Richards10130
Drew Bennett10111

Result : Bashley Rydal B Won by 8 Wickets

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