22 Dec

Hythe & Waterside Darts League

Division 2

Hythe & Dibden CC Darts 'A' 4 - 5 Travellers Rest

Hythe & Dibden A

Travellers Rest

Jason MANSBRIDGE2-0G.Hadcock
Derek WRIGHT0-2A.Plumley
Chalky WHITE1-2R.Owen
Scott ROLLINSON2-1S.Fleming
Pete BAMBRIDGE2-0M.Blondell
Simon WRIGHT2-0P.Morton
Scott Rollinson & Simon WRIGHT0-2S.Fleming & G.Hadcock
FROSTY & Charlie Von LANDAU1-2R.Owen & P.Morton
Chalky WHITE & Andy MUNDEN0-2A.Plumley & M.Blondell

Up against the League Leaders ~ Wrighty's team were 4-2 going into the doubles ~ then it all fell apart. Losing 4-5 as the game went down to the final leg of the final game.

The evening started well with Jason Mansbridge putting his hours of practise into his game to win 2-0 in the opener.

Derek up 2nd and not really in the game vs Plumley and a 0-2 defeat. Chalky then played the landlord in a cracker that went 1-2 to the Travs.

The game of the night though had to be Scotty Rollinsons match with Steve Fleming ( a quality player) Scotty won in 2-1 great game.

Things got better for Hythe when Bambo beat Mark Blondell 2-0 and when Wrighty won the final singled 2-0 Hythe had a great 4-2 lead going into the break.

Travs had to go strong in the next game to save the match ~ Wrighty though fancied that he and Scotty could win the game with 2 games to play. But it wasnt to be. They were shocking in a 0-2 defeat that cost us the match.

Charlie & Frosty were up against Owen & Morton and despite losing the first leg - came back in the 2nd with a Frosty Check Out. The 3rd went down to the double but Travs win 1-2.  

Final game saw Blondie & Plumley take on Chalky & Sick Note ~ Andy Munden. With Blondie rattled in his singles Hythe fancied their chances but the Hythe pair were poor and a 0-2 defeat.

Travs win 5-4 in a great evening of darts and spag balls.

4 defeats on the trot for H&D 'A' disappointing after a strong start.


Full Monday Night League Results 

Travellers Rest 5 v 4 Hythe & Dibden Cricket Club A

Hythe & Dibden Cricket Club B 4 v 5 Falcon

Malt & Hops B 8 vs 1 Fountain Court

Old Mill A 4 vs 5 Malt & Hops C


MALT & HOPS B6423618188
HYTHE & DIBDEN CC A633292456
MALT & HOPS C5332529-46
OLD MILL A524232214
HYTHE & DIBDEN CC B6151638-222
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