07 Mar

Hythe & Waterside Darts League

Division 3

Hythe & Dibden CC Darts 'A' 7 - 2 Travellers Rest

Hythe & Dibden A

Travellers Rest

Scott ROLLINSON2-0P.Miller
Steve CHIVERTON2-0S.Fleming
Charlie von LANDAU0-2M.Bennett
Simon WRIGHT2-0A.Plumley
Chalky WHITE2-0M.Blondell
Jason MANSBRIDGE2-0G.Hiscock
Derek WRIGHT & Andy MUNDEN2-1I.Card & G.Hiscock
Chalky WHITE & C.Von LANDAU1-2D.Davis & S.Fleming
Scott ROLLINSON & Jason MANSBRIDGE0-2A.Plumley & M.Bennett

Arguably the best performance by the A Team since they were formed 5 years ago ~ as they trounced Champions Travellers Rest not only 7-2 but 13 legs to 7. 

Travs were minus the landlord and the skipper but still had out a strong side.

The game started just as Wrighty wanted it too. He won the toss and after the Travs elected Pete Miller ~ he put up Rolly to play him. The club was captivated with 25+ around the dartboard top see who would come out on top. Rolly took a tight first leg but swarmed through the 2nd to win 2-0.

Chiv then went up against there number 3 S.Fleming who gave Rolly a good run up at the Travs. Neither player really got going ~ only Chiv on treble 12s. But quick doubl;es on 3s & 17s won him the game 2-0.

Travs put up their number 1 next Martin Reynolds so Wrighty in the driving seat gave Charlie a singles outing. CVL probably wished he hadnt as Reynolds first 3 trips to the board were 140-140-100. Needless to say Reynolds won 2-0.

Wrighty put himself up 4th and cruised to a 2-0 win over Plumley. Chalky and Jason followed both taking 2-0 wins and Hythe were 5-1 up at food.

Doubles first on for Hythe Andy & Derek and they continued the form with a 2-1 over Card & Hiscock. Chalky & Charlie went down 1-2 in the 7th match but Rolly & Jason made sure of a 7-2 win with a 2-0 victory over Plumley & Bennett by this time Killer had already gone home for his coco wishing hed have stayed in Oz.

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