17 Oct

The wet weather in the final weeks of the season meant Jonjo finished just 18 runs shy of 1000 for the season.

Games at Lyndhurst & Braishfield fell to the weather which meant Jon ended on 982 runs which included two centuries and 6 fifties.

Since 2000 ~ 19 players have reached the 1000 milestone in a year.
Guru has done it on 7 occasions whilst Hodgey & Matt Young have done it twice.

7 overseas have included the feat topped by Adrian Greyvenstein whilst Lee Fraser did it in just 16 innings before deserting.

2003Adrian Greyvenstein27185988.52
2010Adrian de Jager37162454.13
2009Sean Tongs45149041.39
2010Sean Tongs46143538.78
2015Luke Hodges29137868.9
2001Eugene Burzler33126860.38
2011Sean Tongs40123936.44
2008Sean Tongs46123731.72
2015Kumo Sharma30121660.8
2006Sean Tongs36120340.1
2016Luke Hodges25117869.29
2011Matt Young39112435.13
2010Matt Young48110128.23
2005Sean Tongs34109843.92
2000Lee Fraser161094109.4
2010Tom Richards39106433.25
2019Craig Stow30104547.5
2000Simon Wright42104128.92
2007Sean Tongs43101629.03
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