19 Feb

H&D Cricket Nets continues this evening at Gang Warily ~ 6.30-8pm

They will continue every Wednesday through to the 25th March

The hall with two lanes and an ideal number would by 7-8 in each lane everyone gets a decent bat.

If we have a good response then we will look at a alternative date for an extra session  

Cost is £8 pp for the 90 minute session

Bowling Machine

GW have also invested in a Bola Bowling Machine which is available for hire.

Special rates are being offered on a Wednesday afternoon for a 45 minute slot at 3.30pm, 4.15pm & 5pm

The cost is just £20 however you will need a responsible person to feed the balls into the machine.

The feeder holds 24 balls which on remote bowl at 10 second intervals so two people sharing a net can easily face 120 balls each in 45 minutes.


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