25 Jul

All 3 games involving our H&D sides were abandoned early today despite starting on time.

H&D 2s were 88-0 after just 8 overs when the rain came to Jones Lane. Tom Gates was unbeaten on 55* Ryan O'Connor 18* 

H&D 3rd XI also started first but their game lasted just 4 overs before coming off. Alex Nicholas was already out and off slightly earlier.

In the 4s friendly at Pylewell Park. The homeside were going well when the match ended after 7 overs.  

A huge disappointment to everyone after the warm weather of late.

Next Week  ~ H&D 1s travel to Langley Manor, H&D 2s are now at home to Locksheath whilst H&D 3s travel to Bahsley Rydal 4s. 

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