05 Apr

Please find attached a copy of the club’s selection policy that was passed at 2021 AGM.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, this has, through necessity, been a little side lined, but as we come round to what we would call ‘Normal’ cricket the intention is to follow this policy.

Our captains this season are Matt, Andy, Martin and Jamie, along with their vice captains. They have requested that, in order to make it easier for everyone, player availability for Saturday matches be provided by Tuesday afternoon, there will then be a selection meeting with all 4 captains and Chairman of Selectors if needed on Tuesday evenings after training and all 4 teams will then be advised of selection.

 There will be organised training for all teams on a Tuesday evening. Any players becoming available after Tuesday evening may be considered but only if it does not disrupt the other team selections too much. Sunday fixtures and teams are organised by Steve Chiverton. There may be occasions where a player who needs to play a game to get some practice or form will be suggested to Steve, the selection policy already allows for players not playing on a Saturday being given an opportunity to play Sundays.

Can I remind everyone of two points of the selection policy  Annual membership forms should be completed and annual subscriptions paid (if you need consideration on payment of annual subscriptions due to personal circumstances please talk to Dawn Bowman).

Players play for the club and not a particular team within the club. A player may, on occasion, be asked to play for a team that they would not normally expect to play for. Your support and understanding in this is appreciated.

If there are any selection concerns over the course of the season then contact both the relevant Captain and myself as Chairman of Selectors.Thank you for your continued support and we all wish you a happy and successful 2022 season.

Thanks Ian

Chairman of Selectors

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