18 Oct

Scott Rollinson saw off 7 players to win the H&D Singles Darts Tournament beating B Team Captain Rylee Bambridge in the final.

Monday Evening saw the knockout stages and some decent darts as a warm up to the Winter League in a fortnight

Final Group Standings    

Group A

PldWonLostBonus PtsPoints
Simon Wright330116
Charlie Von Landau321010
Jonjo Stovell31305
Mark Croucher30000

Group B

PlayerPldWonLostBonus PtsPoints
Chalky White440020
Pete Bambridge431217
Zac Millar422010
Tom Richards41305
Sam Page40400

Group C

PlayerPldWonLostBonus PtsPoints
Rylee Bambridge440020
Derek Wright422111
Andy Munden422010
Jason Mansbridge422010
Martin Duell40400

Group D

PlayerPldWonLostBonus PtsPoints
Scott Rollinson440020
Steve Chiverton422211
Dan Taylor422010
Alex Nicholas41316
Mike Frost41305


Match 1Steve Chiverton2 ~ 3Simon Wright
Match 2Chalky White3 ~ 0Derek Wright
Match 3Rylee Bambridge3 ~ 1Charlie Von Landau
Match 4Scott Rollinson3 ~ 0Pete Bambridge



Match 5Simon Wright1 ~ 3Scott Rollinson
Match 6Rylee Bambridge  3 ~ 1Chalky White


Match 7Scott Rollinson 3 ~ 0Rylee Bambridge
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