14 Feb

Opening Up are pleased to share a series of three 45 minute workshops, taking place during the first three Wednesdays of March, aiming to promote positive mental health through cricket. Opening Up Cricket was formed in 2014 in response to the death of Sefton Park CC wicket keeper Alex Miller and a will to promote positive mental health in our sport. 

As a result, the organisation was created with the aim of speaking to local cricketers about the experience of losing Alex in the hope that more conversation about this topic could prevent further tragedies. Opening Up Cricket have delivered over 250 sessions across the United Kingdom and Australia and we’d love to support getting their message to the cricketing community. 

The workshops we have lined up are the following: All sessions start at 7pm and last 45 minutes

Session One (10 March) - Mental wellbeing through cricket:
Use of mental skills and fitness in the sport and beyond
Consider ways to promote wellbeing in your own setting
Ways to support yourself and team mates

Session Two (17 March) - Coping Strategies:
Instant actions that can be taken in times of stress
Techniques to build resilience
Developing a plan to use in cricket and beyond

Session Three (24 March) - Mindfulness for Cricketers
Demystifying meditation
How it works
Exercises to aid cricket and general wellbeing 

The workshops are completely free to book and you can register right here via this  "Opening Up" - Promoting Positive Mental Health (ecb.co.uk) 

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