24 Mar

New Forest Colts League Chairman Dave Lay issued a statement this weekend regarding the likely hood of colts cricket this summer.

Dave says' 

I expect that you have by now seen the messages from the ECB and the HCL regarding cricket this summer. 

I propose that the NFJCA will attempt to run leagues and cups if cricket is permitted to be played before June 1st this summer.

If cricket is not permitted to be played before June 1st, remaining fixtures can played as friendlies as and when play is permitted but trophies will not be awarded.

 I realise that this will disappoint many children and parents, but the health and safety of everyone must be of paramount importance. 

This especially applies to the many grandparents who bring children to matches and practices and are one of the most ‘at risk’ groups.

The committee will keep you advised as soon as any change in circumstances takes place.

Kind regards,

Dave Lay

Chairman NFJCA

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