01 Feb


The Hampshire Cricket League Committee feel that the HCL is bottom heavy which means that many Teams in the bottom Divisions could not be promoted due to having a team from the same club in the division above. We believe there could be as many as 42 teams affected (see attachment). 

We intend to change the Rule to allow two teams from the same Club in the bottom 2 tiers as it is only the bottom tier at present. By changing to the new format it would improve the situation and allow Clubs to have two teams in the bottom two tiers. Please can Clubs study the proposal as opposed to the present format and if there are no major objections we will use the new format for 2021. If there are objections we will take a vote between the present format and the proposed format.

The attached alternative format is based on the finishing tables from 2019 season and shows the required promotions, relegations and movements required at each level to achieve the Tier 7 structure. A number of Clubs would need to be moved down a level to achieve this as is clearly shown, which is why Clubs need to know for 2021 season.

The left hand structure is the finishing positions from 2019 and the right hand structure shows what the Leagues would look like if this 7 tier structure was implemented.

The allowing of Clubs to have two teams in the “bottom two” divisions would work better with this 7 tier structure, which the League Committee recommend.

2012 Format Option Movements
Div 1 2 up to SPCL, 3 down to Div 2
Div 2 3 up to Div 1, 4 down to Div 3
Div 3 2 up to Div 2 from each Division, 3 down from each Division to Division 4
Div 4 2 up to Division 3 from each Division. Positions 3 to 8 to remain in Division 4, positions 9 to 16 to Division 5, Positions 17 & 18 relegated to Division 6
Div 5 2 Up to Division 4 from each Division. Positions 3 to 7 to remain in Division 5, Positions 8 to 16 to Division 6, Positions 17 & 18 relegated to Division 7
Div 6 1st place from each Division promoted to Division 5. Positions 2 to 5 to remain in Division 6, positions 6 and below moved to new Division 7 tier.
This has all been put on the HCL Web site

Copy of 2021 Promotions.xlsx

Copy of Format Option 2021.xlsx

Denis Emery
HCL Chairman

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