03 May

To All Clubs

The Hampshire Cricket League Management Committee wish all Club players and Officials are well and safe from this horrific Virus.

As yet we have no start date for the 2020 season from the ECB and as you know there will be no chance of any cricket until 1st July. Due to the decision by the Southern Premier League to stop promotions etc from 4th June we have had to change our stance.

If there is a start to recreational cricket by Saturday 4th July we will continue with the League Fixtures until the end of August and the winners will win the trophy for their League. However there will be no promotion and relegation from each League. The start will depend on Government and ECB advice. If cricket can only start with certain restrictions then we will probably resort to friendly matches using the 2020 fixtures predominantly. September would not be an option for League cricket as many clubs would not have access to the ground as football takes over. We could not have some clubs available and others not.

We have all the League balls for 2020 season in storage with the manufacturers and if they are not required for 2020 season they will be kept until 2021 season. If we do manage to get some cricket in we can arrange with the manufacturers to supply us with some of your order. If there is no cricket this season then the entry fee may rolled over to 2021 season, as will be the Handbooks although we have promised that all Clubs will be given 12 handbooks free. There will be no handbooks for 2020 (we will post part of the handbook on the website) if there is no cricket and all the statistics etc will be in the 2021 issue.

I have attached a statement from our sponsors and our leading Insurance Company as regards to Club Insurance. I have also attached details of the ECB Loan and Grant advice for all Clubs. Please take the offer up if any Club is struggling having paid out for the 2020 season, such as rent, Groundsmen, and any business interruption etc. Some of our Clubs have already applied but there should be more and if you have any queries contact Simon Jones or myself for advice.

I would like to hear from any Club that is experiencing any cashflow problems to see what the League can help with. 

We do hope that we get some form of cricket in this year. I have met on video with the HCB this week and they should have sent out a survey yesterday to all clubs which must be completed so we know what your views and state our Clubs are in.

Denis Emery

HCL Chairman

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