05 Apr

30 day Umpiring and Scoring Challenge for all affiliated clubs to take part in!!

The ECB Association of Cricket Officials have introduced two online modules, supporting the opportunity for people to become more familiar and confident with the basic principles of umpiring and scoring. 

They hope this will enhance the experience and enjoyment for all involved in the game, across junior and open age cricket for the forthcoming season. The courses are available for people 13 years of age and above (subject to parent/guardian approval).

You’ve got to be in it to win it! In addition to the provision of these online modules, Hampshire Cricket Board would like to offer a small incentive!

On Wednesday the 4th of May they will perform a draw, resulting in three lucky clubs receiving some Amazon vouchers that will be sent to your club treasurer upon meeting certain criteria. 

Therefore, the more people you have complete either or both of the modules, the larger chance you have of scooping one of the three prizes:

1st prize - £250

2nd prize - £150

3rd prize - £100

In order to be eligible to claim the prize, the following must be adhered to:

  • Registrants need to specify, at the point of registration which club they represent. This is achieved by completing the drop-down section of the registration page named “Play Cricket Club”
  • To redeem the prize - Upon being contacted, the individual must present their certificate which shows that they have completed the course within 72 hours of being contacted.
  • Please note that only one prize may be awarded to a club and a re-draw will take place if an already successful club is drawn again (random generator app to be used)
  • The club must have paid its affiliation fee to Hampshire Cricket Board Ltd on or before the 1st May 2022
  • Please note that these courses will remain available for volunteers to access at any time during the season.

How to register

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