H&D Teams Of The Decades
H&D Team Of The Decade 2010 - 2019

What a 10 years in the History of the Hythe & Dibden 1st XI having started the Decade in County 2 only to drop down to County 4 and climb back upto the Southern League for the first time in 30 years.


SeasonDivisionCaptainFinal Pos
2010Hants County 2Simon Dixon12th 
2011Hants County 2Matt Howe17th Relegated
2012Hants County 3Matt Howe5th
2013Hants County 3Matt Howe18th Relegated
2014Hants County 4James Page3rd Promoted
2015Hants County 3James Page2nd Promoted
2016Hants County 2James Page3rd Promoted
2017Hants County 1Tom Richards10th
2018Hants County 1Tom RichardsChampions
2019SPL Div 3Tom Richards4th


SeasonTop BatsmanRunsTop BowlerWkts
2010Adrian de JAGER750Rob SAUNDERS22
2011Matt YOUNG366Harry SMITH29
2012Matt YOUNG426Rob SAUNDERS33
2013Matt YOUNG433Ozair SHAIKH23
2014Matt YOUNG402Richie FROGGETT30
2015Luke HODGES643Luke HODGES31
2016Luke HODGES493Luke HODGES29
2017Inam AGHA575Tarin MASON29
2018Tom GATES683Andy WAKELY30
2019Zac MILLAR526Craig STOW26

So what about a Team of The Decade ~ well the team selects itself from the top run scorers and wicket takers. Though its looks lop sided because of all the all rounders in the side.

The unluckiest person not to get into the side ~ James Page who skippered the side to 3 consecutive promotions and his achievements go down in the history of the club. However Tom Richards got the nod as Captain for taking us to the next level and his own personal performances over 10 years. 

The one difficult decision is Jonjo got into the side for his batting over the decade however if its a bowler we needed then Ozair Shaikh would be selected 38 wkts @ 20.2.

Hodgey is included in the side because of his two seasons with the club but all the overseas have performed well for us over the past 10 years.

Hythe & Dibden Team Of The Decade 2010-2019

Matt YOUNG112321331.8*~*~*~*~*268553.6
Tom GATES28115242.7*~*~*~*~*5872226.7
Zac MILLAR37105236.3*~*~*~*~*339484.7
Inam AGHA2488837*~*~*~*~*6373916.3
Luke HODGES24113659.8*~*~*~*~*6876011.45
Andrew WAKELY2456229.6*~*~*~*~*8425315.9
*Tom RICHARDS107221022.1*~*~*~*~*233112119.3
(+) Matt HOWE101192620.7*~*~*~*~*3921428
Jonjo STOVELL4275619.9*~*~*~*~*5742127.3
Richie FROGGETT4158716.3*~*~*~*~*13136819.3
Rob SAUNDERS27934.9*~*~*~*~*17288021.6


H&D Team Of The Decade 2000 - 2009

The Decade started with 2 promotions in the first 3 years including winning County 4 in 2001 with a 13-0 season. 

The rest of the decade was spent in County 2 including the frustration of missing out on promotion in 2007 by 2 runs in the final match of the season.


SeasonDivisionCaptainFinal Pos
2000Hants County 4Paul Whitlock 8th
2001Hants County 4Paul WhitlockChampions
2002Hants County 3Rob James2nd Promoted
2003Hants County 2Paul Whitlock6th 
2004Hants County 2 Richie Froggett
2005Hants County 2 Simon Dixon11th 
2006Hants County 2Simon Dixon6th
2007Hants County 2Simon Dixon4th
2008Hants County 2Simon Dixon8th
2009Hants County 2Simon Dixon11th


SeasonTop BatsmanRunsTop BowlerWkts
2000Simon WRIGHT455Paul WHITLOCK31
2001Eugene BURZLER418Paul WHITLOCK39
2002Eugene BRUZLER701Eugene BURZLER38
2004Christof BOTHMA298Christof BOTHMA29
2005Rob JAMES454Ben KENDRICK16
2006Kev JAMES358Gehardus GROBLER27
2007Rob JAMES255Richie FROGGETT24
2008Rob JAMES481Jon WEALL24
2009Richie FROGGETT544Jon WEALL30

So what about a Team of The Decade ~ well it's a 12 and a excellent 12 at that full of run getters and plenty of bowling. 

For half the Decade Simon Dixon ran the side and therefore Captains the team. The One Overseas Position  allowed goes to Eugene Burzler who at the time drew attention from the Hampshire 2nd XI. 

Hythe & Dibden Team Of The Decade 2000 -2009

Simon WRIGHT91202724.4*~*~*~*~*17527124.7
Rob JAMES112290529.5*~*~*~*~*49149.0
(+) Kev JAMES109200219.6*~*~*~*~*

Sean TONGS79163326.8*~*~*~*~*2900.0
Wayne EFFENY3068023.4*~*~*~*~*3272413.6
Eugene BURZLER29113056.5*~*~*~*~*9167512.2
*Simon DIXON81161622.4*~*~*~*~*14114.0
Ben KENDRICK4056618.2*~*~*~*~*182711116.5
Mike EDWARDS3542417.0*~*~*~*~*14816024.7
Richie FROGGETT87161124.0*~*~*~*~*412017323.8
Paul WHITLOCK5347917.7*~*~*~*~*244817014.4
Jon WEALL2216316.3*~*~*~*~*