H&D All Time Top Bowlers

H&D All Time Top Bowlers

Quite a list of quality Bowling on this page.

Paul Whitlock remains the clubs leading County / SPL Bowler with 591 wkts with a best of 7-7. Just look at the Best Perfomances under his name inc Terry Rawlins 9 for 16, Wayne & Froggie 8 wkts a piece..

H&D Leading All Time Bowling Stats


From League Entry 1973-2020

All Time SPL / County Bowling 1973 -20 
Paul Whitlock1978-200889335917 for 715.1
Terry Rawlins1974-198752854249 for 1612.5
Wayne Effeny1975 -67334178 for 2716.1
Richie Froggett1993 -73993308 for 1222.4
Ben Kendrick1991-201143432417 for 3818
Brian Sexton1967-198542392397 for 2017.7
Phil Pick1960-198839822277 for 2017.5
Mike Pick1969-199032151276 for 1225.3
Mike Edwards1998 -25221265 for 2020
Tom Richards2008 -21461265 for 4917
Dave Price1980-198419161087 for 2717.7
Rob Saunders2009-201322981076 for 2421.5
Matt Atkinson1987-199621111076 for 2319.7
Mike Swanton1962-198923151067 for 4021.8
Simon Wright1997-2121867 for 3824.7
Chalky White1993-2375864 for 2027.6
Bill Palmer1973-19872098795 for 3126.5
Matt Le Froy1996-20041530784 for 2219.6
Eugene Burzler2001-2004858706 for 1912.3
George Harris1973-19931064655 for 1316.4
Jon Weall2008-20111406615 for 8023.1


The Regional Divisions Stats are dominated by the Former 2nd XI Spin twins Chalky White & the late Pete Stevens who for many years bowled in tandum. Chalky leads the table with 354 wickets and wont be challenged for many years to come.


From League Entry 1975-2020


All Time Hants Regional Bowling 1975 -2020 
Chalky White1993-76143546 for 1821.5
Pete Stevens1988-201741962235 for 1518.8
Wayne Effeny1975 -29911999 for 1915
Richie Froggett1993-23601656 for 1614.3
Kev McCarthy2007-37191584 for 1723.5
Steve Chiverton1972-26391275 for 1920.8
John Fidler1996-200016491196 for 713.9
Trevor Vaughan1988-201121901126 for 2619.6
Mike Bowman1996-32871064 for 631.6
Ian Chambers1993-199912451025 for 5512.2
Richard Steadman2013-18871025 for 3118.5
Ian Prentice2009-20181661986 for 1316.9
Martin Duell2012-1838866 for 1821.4
Tony Woodhouse1960-991013857 for 1911.9
John Clarke1991-20031340846 for 1816
Phil Long2011-1406835 for 3616.9
Mike Edwards1998-20181646795 for 2520.8
Pete Curtis1980-19981186725 for 4416.5
Steve Thompson2013-1667717 for 1823.5
Luke Mills2003-1422678 for 1521.2


The Friendly Stats are dominated by pre 1973 scorebooks before League Cricket was formed.

The top two players on this list were the stalwarts of Hythe & Dibden Cricket for over 50 years so if their feats are not over taken ill be happy. Good to see Kev McCarthy on this list but even he doesn't think he has enough playing years left to catch the top two. 

Pediction ~ next season will see a few of you current players get onto this list.    


From 1960-2020


All Time H&D Club Top Friendly Bowling 
Tony Woodhouse1960-19991509817769 for 218.5
Phil Pick1960-1988139389908 for 4114
Paul Whitlock1978-200861836677 for 159.3
Ken Munday1960-198070275496 for 2212.8
Steve Chiverton1972-69725338 for 2313.1
Mike Swanton1962-198970585317 for 1313.3
Brian Sexton1967-198571005148 for 3613.8
Cliff Wheeler1960-196949784839 for 2110.3
Dudley Barrett1964-1969388937910 for 610.3
Wayne Effeny1975-45313258 for 1713.9
Mike Pick1969-199053773156 for 3917.1
Richard Thomas1964-199440583138 for 3613
Kev McCarthy2007 -55812825 for 1419.8
Paul Wastell1973-198641522457 for 4416.9
Steve House1983-198733352105 for 2915.9
Sean Tongs1988-201025051813 for 413.8
John Clarke1991-200325311764 for 814.4
Brian Smith1962-197516171726 for 319.4
Jack Smith1967-197316921697 for 3610
Colin Goodhall1974-108629461686 for 1517.5

Updated 15th Feb 2021