H&D All Time Top Batsman

An updated list of Hythe & Dibden's finest Batsman

Two of Hythe's finest ever top the SPL/County Batting Stats for H&D ~ Terry Rawlins & George Knights . Terry scored 5258 runs during his 14 seasons @ Hythe  in the SPL & County Leagues whilst George arguably Hythe's finest Captain scored 4541 despite never hitting a league ton. 

Of the current crop ~ Richie Froggett is 3rd in the all time list & First XI Club Skipper Matt Young 4th. Recently retired Wayne Effeny (6th in the list) played under Knights & Rawlins in the 80s..

Top SPL/County Batting Stats

All Time Top SPL /County Batsman 1973-21

Terry Rawlins17320113525833.1
George Knights1921396454125.4
Richie Froggett19830100382822.8
Matt Young13013102379332.4
Rob James15515120*363923.1
Wayne Effeny20313124*353618.6
Dave Price691130308045.3
Sean Tongs1411778281323.2
Tom Richards133893*277422.2
Simon Wright13113118269922.9
Brian Sexton14122101255521.5
Paul Whitlock1993199238914.2
Matt Howe12812111232920.1
Kev James130899230018.9
David Hoy146975208315.2
Simon Dixon119884205918.5
Ben Kendrick1161060200818.9
Brian Buck713106*181822.3
Jonjo Stovell9011129*166921.1
Tom Gates451187*160436.5



 With the 2nd XI now playing County Cricket ~ The Regional Divisions stats are left to players playing for the H&D 3rd & 4th XI.

With Sean Tongs & Wayne Effeny now retired ~ will Mike Bowman play 3rd team cricket and become only the 3rd player to 4000 runs. Mike needs just 29 runs. 

Shaun Moss went past the 2000 runs in 2021 whilst Ryan O'Connor went past a 1000.

 Top Regional Division Batting Stats


Leading Hampshire Regional Batsman 1975-2021
Sean Tongs21321124*586930.6
Wayne Effeny13819150*426735.9
Mike Bowman20617106397121
Pete Stevens20120102259714.3
Richie Froggett10015149257830.3
Simon Dixon 1019103*216323.5
Shaun Moss8719147*208430.6
Gary Howe941492191123.9
Luke Mills8810111*171422
Steve Thompson924135180820.5
Ewan Bell1122987*167320.2
Dave Guymer5411100*155836.2
John Clarke109475137113.1
Tony Wood77576131418.3
Gareth Mead622121129521.6
Simon Wright44381121129.5
Dan Pates347119*115142.6
Ryan O'Connor60666113921.1
Tony North4539499023.6
Mike Edwards439104*88124.9


I think Gurus Club / Friendly Stats will be at the top of the list as long as im alive. 9770 runs quite an achievement in a list which is dominated with players who played pre league cricket when 2 or 3 games a week were the norm. 5 if Picky had his way.

Of the current crop only Jonjo Stovell has moved upto 12th after surpassing 3700 runs in friendlies


From 1960 -2021



All Time Leading Club Friendly Batsman 1960-2021 
Player Inns No Hs Runs Av
Sean Tongs37656111*977030.5
Brian Sexton41740108738619.6
Alan Wiltshire5803474*677312.4
Brian Buck16511144*571537.1
Paul Whitlock28939115*552622.1
George Knights2049104540327.7
Kev James1306108*441235.6
John Ashton25539107*428819.8
Richard Thomas3591998428812.6
Matt Howe15848100*396436
Garth Thomas1579116383425.6
Jonjo Stovell18026100*372124.2
Mike Swanton30121102*355212.7
Tony North15512100*353124.7
Hedley Wooldridge2891982*345212.8
Tony Woodhouse495896433918.4
Dave Carr10510131*334435.2
Mark Wiltshire2531296319913.3
Phil Pick78010810731824.7
Kevin Smith219673*302114.2

Updated 25th Feb 2022