Welfare Section


Hythe & Dibden Cricket Club has successfully achieved Sport England's Clubmark, which is awarded to clubs by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). Clubmark is a cross-sport recognition of sports clubs that are committed to providing a safe, effective, child friendly environment.

Clubmark demonstrates that the Club meets the ECBs criteria in several major categories including:

•1) Duty of Care and Child Protection,
•2) Coaching and Competition,
•3) Sports equity and ethics, and,
•4) Club Management

Clubmark is an acknowledgement that we take these issues seriously and that we are striving to provide a high quality and welcoming environment for young participants in the sport. 

Hythe and Dibden Cricket Club is committed to continuing to provide an environment where children are welcomed, feel safe and have their views and feelings taken into consideration.

However, there may be a number of reasons why you need to speak to our Welfare Officer.  This may be in response to:

· Something you have seen

· Something a child has said

· Signs or suspicions of abuse

· Allegations made against a coach or volunteer

· Allegations made about a parent, carer or someone not working within cricket

· Bullying

· A breach of code of conduct/poor practice

· Observation of inappropriate behaviour

For more information please contact the Clubs Child Welfare Officer, Dawn Bowman.

Email : dawn_bowman@outlook.com

Mobile : 07867 556 104 


  1. Welfare Training.pdf
  2. Information Pack For Managers, Coaches & Captains.pdf
  3. Clubmark Index.pdf
  4. Where to take an injured person.pdf
  5. Guidlines For Dealing With An Accident.pdf
  6. H&D Guidlines For Sun Safety.pdf
  7. H&D Social Media & Communication Policy.pdf
  8. H&D Missing Children Policy.pdf
  9. Transporting Juniors To Matches Policy.pdf
  10. H&D Changing Policy.pdf
  11. Photography Policy.pdf
  12. Code Of Practice For Parents.pdf
  13. H&D Anti Bullying Policy.pdf
  14. Junior Cricketers Playing In Adult Matches.pdf
  15. Fielding Regulations For Under 18s.pdf
  16. Wearing Helmets For Under 18s.pdf
  17. Child Protection Policy Statement.pdf
  18. Safeguarding Policy Statement.pdf
  19. Young People Code Of Conduct.pdf
  20. Social Media Policy & Guidance.pdf
  21. All Stars Code Of Conduct.pdf
  22. CM 19 Whistle Blowing Policy.pdf
  23. CM 02 Incident or Concern Reporting Form for Safeguarding.pdf
  24. CM 14 Inclusion & Diversity Policy.pdf
  25. CM 27 Transgender Policy.pdf