Tony 'Woody' WOOD
Played For Hythe 1995-2011

Most Popular Player To Have Played For Hythe And Sorely Missed

Scoring 2,245 Runs For Hythe inc 48 County Runs, 1,314 Regional League Runs & 883 Friendly Runs 

- Chairman - 2007-2011

- Second XI Capt - 1998

- Ground Staff 15 Years

- Highest League Score - 76 vs Ellingham

- Highest Friendly Score - 80 vs Paultons

- 4 League 50's & 6 Friendly 50's

Woody joined Hythe & Dibden during the 1995 season after playing a few games for Billy Ogle's 17th Port Regiment side against Hythe. During those games Woody made 39 & 41 so we welcomed him with open arms. The next 16 years no one person brightened up our club as much as the big feller.

The 1996 season Woody played between the 2nds and 3rds but it was 1997 that he was to have his best season for the club - scoring 740 runs in all competitions. A 71* for the 3rds was followed up by 53* @ Swan Green and 60 vs Exbury. 456 runs in Sunday Cricket included smashing Zimbabwe star Gary Brent for three consecutive fours at Burridge.

1998 Woody was asked to Captain the 2nd XI League side which he did with open arms. 201 league runs included 68 vs Milford on Sea - he also scored another 230 Sunday runs. 1999 and Woody was asked to wicket-keep for the First XI where he would play 13 games. The 2000 season saw Woody score his highest league knock of 76. He shared in a 150 run partnership with Kev Luke vs Ellingham. Same season he also scored 80 for the Sunday XI vs Paultons - sharing in a 118 partnership with his best mate Mike Bowman.

With struggling knees Woody only managed to play 68 games between 2000 & 2011 scoring 754 league runs and 147 friendly runs. In 2007 he took over the mantle of Club Chairman. One of Woodys first duties (with the rest of the league committee on tour) was to addres the Parish Council Committee and argue the case why the grounds gate had to remain closed during games. Woody argued that OAP's couldn't drive into the ground and watch the cricket. Amazingly the Council reversed their decision and the big man had won his case.

2010 Woody decided to set up a 3rd XI to bring Colts into adult cricket. The lads responded by winning the league. Woody was chuffed to bits as he took his squad to the Rose Bowl Presentation Night. If you ever needed someone to help ease youngsters into adult cricket then Woody was your man. To watch the kids bamboozled with Woody's endless stories (whilst scoring) was special. 

Sadly though Woody was taken from us in July 2011 aged just 44 - when he peacefully passed away with blood on the brain stem. The club was devastated and with over 500 people at the funeral it just proved what a special person the club had lost.

Tony Wood - A True Hythe Legend


Mike Bowman - The word ‘Legend’ is often over used but in this case entirely appropriate. You were quite simply the best bloke I ever had the privilege to meet and it was an honour to call you my best friend.

My condolences go to his parents, Michael and Christine, his brothers Richard, Matthew and Robert and to all his friends. As your friend I will miss you forever but the club will miss you as much. People say that no one is bigger than the club but in your case it may be wrong. You were universally respected by young and old and helped make our wonderful club great. Let’s use your memory to make it greater still. Your legacy and that of Tony Woodhouse should live on.

I will miss our nights in the club and our time together talking rubbish, reminiscing about the good times, discussing the future and putting the world to rights over a beer or 10 while you ate the left over tea!

Now you have gone who will back me up that we played in the first team, me a change bowler and you as wicket keeper, and underrated at that. Those were the days when we turned up at quarter to two for the firsts, set the spread, went and got ice cream and chunky kit kats then departed to the bar….. then maybe play some cricket.

Si Dixon said in his moving tribute, 9 of his top 10 memories would include you; well my best 100 memories include you and more good times and stories then I could ever tell.

hope you have found a better place where the runs and catches are easy, the beer is free, Lambretta’s don’t break down and Norwich always beat the scum.

Gone but never forgotten your friend for ever. Ladies and Gentleman raise your glass……. THE GENERAL. 

Tom Huxley - Woody... A true legend... Hythe and Dibden cricket club will be lost without your guidance, charisma, fun and games... Friends will be lost without your smile, jokes, support and patience... Jonjo will be lost without your banter, guidance and stories... This has come as a great shock to all... You've been a great man to many people over the years... You will be greatly missed... I can now only aspire to your true trainer collection... One day I will have one to make you proud... Thank you for everything woody... It's been a true honour knowing you... You will be greatly missed. R.I.P.

The Spin Wizzard John Clarke - I am as shocked to hear such tragic news. I would like to say:- Woody a big character, With a big heart I am sure that our loss is someone elses gain. RIP my friend

John Church - Chairman Fawley CC - I have known Woody for many years from the time he played in goals for the Nelson on a Sunday morning, Always enjoy talking football with him especially as Norwich more often than not were in the side league as Millwall. Really top bloke and such sad news. Please pass on my condolences to all from me and everyone at Fawley. 

Matt Maiden - Club Captain Cadnam CC - Really sad to hear of the untimely sad loss of Tony your Chairman. Having suffered a similar tragic loss earlier this season, I can understand how tough this can be for the club and his family and friends. Please pass on the thoughts of all at cadnam cricket club to your club members and his family.

Rick How - Secretary Sway CC - Very sorry to hear of you sad untimely loss of Tony, our thoughts are with his family and all his friends. 

Russell Moore - Devastated at the loss of Tony Wood. I cant believe such a truly nice guy has been taken from us.

Jonjo Stovell - saddened by the loss of a lovely bloke Tony Wood, the Chairman. Who will forever be remembered by those that loved him.

Dawn Cunningham - I can’t find the words to express how saddened I am by the loss of such a dear friend, Woody. He leaves a massive hole in our heart but thankfully a life time of memories. A remarkable and truly wonderful person who will never be forgotten.

Simon Dixon - Shocked and greatly saddened by the passing of Woody. Sometimes, things happen which leave everyone speechless and numb, and I think its no exaggeration to say that everyone who knew Tone has had these feelings the past couple of days. Words will never justify how much he meant to us all, or the hole which his passing has left in each one of our lives. Our thoughts go to Tony’s Mum, Dad and family. Thank you for giving us Tony, a truly truly wonderful man. So many happy funny times, too many to mention, which im sure we will recollect in future times. Of the ten most memorable moments in my life, Woody was part of 9 of them (provided he didn’t have anything to do with the birth of my daughter – in which case it would be all ten!). We have been blessed and honoured to know him. To Woody – I ll always wear adidas for you, I ll see if I can get some sambas in Norwich colours. Everyone raise a glass to the General.

Aleksey Girilovich - Tony's friend from Belarus. Maybe you know about us - Woody visited us several times. As soon as I get sms about his death I try to find any information and remember about cricket club. 

Sorry for my non-native English, but I'm also wish to public few kind words: - Antony, you are fantastic person. You shared your happiness with everybody around. Your motivation, your smile and support truly made happy me, my wife and little Svetlana. You have shown to us big part of wonderfull world and you shown to us another life with another vital sense we never has. I never can repay you. 

Everything around reminds me of you - from daughter's toys to Photo Frames at wall. And I cry when look to it. But I know - I'm doing wrong, because in your style enjoy to life anytime. I'm so sorry - Sleep well. - Aleksey, Tatiana and little Svetlana

Kev Glass - dear woody..although ive not seen you for a few months i was saddened to hear the news over the weekend..visiting jones lane will never be the same without hearing your voice or seeing your big smile..the last time i saw you at lym rec at an indoor league match..i heard the usual banter especially as the canaries had beaten the rams the day before..the day norwich were promoted i was wondering where you were and knew you would be celebrating in typical woody fashion...will miss you lots were one in a million fella...there is only one woody..take care fella

Tony & Jane North - We're still trying to come to terms that your not here ! We are so shocked ! You were a great guy and we will miss you greatly. No one has had an influende on Hythe & Dibden Cricket Club as you have. You have always managed to maintain a great sense of fun but also obtain so much respect from everyone. 

We are so glad to have known you and we will remember you always with great fondness. Rest in peace mate from Tony, Jane & Emma North xx

Kevin, Elaine James and family - My family and I would like to give our best wishes in this time of sorrow to Woody's Family. They can be very proud and pleased with the fact he lived his life to the full and touched so many along the way. His friend also - he had so many friends and contributed to so much, in fact he must have left memories of 3 people's lives or more! He was such a big impact and character. We are very proud to have known and befriended him. Though his stay with us was cut short, his memory will live long!!

Ian & Sarah Prentice - Shocked and saddened as much as everyone by Woody's passing. I only arrived at Hythe a few years ago but was accepted into Tony's life with open arms, always having time for a word and always good company it's hard to imagine Hythe cricket without him. 

Jon Weall - It was of great sadness when I heard of this tragic loss of life whilst on holiday. When I joined the club in 2008, instantly Woody was a man that you felt you had known for years. He was one of the most positive and jovial characters I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Woody was always willing to do any job for the club no matter how big or small for the benefit of others, a true gentleman. The way he encouraged everyone, particularly the younger members of the club to develop and enjoy themselves was first class.

A true legend and both the club and world will be a worse place without you.

Sue Froggett - Firstly my condolences to Tony's family - I can't begin to imagine what the last few days have been like for them. It is impossible to sum up the shock and sadness I feel at Woody's sudden passing, we've all lost a friend, an entertainer and an inspiration. Woody always struck me as a person who really did live life to the full and threw himself whole-heartedly into whatever he was doing - whether it was cricket, a scooter rally, a trip abroad, a football match - there was always a great story to tell at the end of it. When he was around the club he was always guaranteed to say or do something to make you smile - there was never a dull moment with him around. I'm particularly going to miss our 'weight watchers' conversations and our tales of diet battles - these normally took place over the remnants of a cricket tea - trying to decide which sandwich or cake to try!

I'm also grateful for the fact that he fully embraced the idea of colts moving into adult cricket through the 3rd team - and gave them his advice and support, they benefited immensely from this and have continued to grow in confidence.RIP Woody - I'll leave the final word to Nathan who, on hearing the news from Richard said - "Mum, its not right .... that's just not right".

Richie Froggett - You could live for 5 lifetimes and i doubt you will meet anybody like Tony Wood again. It was an absolute pleasure knowing him and being able to call him a friend. Fun loving, and full of life it was totally unfair to be taken from us at such an early age. ( its always the good ones). He was one of a kind. We joined H&DCC together many moons ago, so for me the club will never be the same again there will always be someone missing. The " real Hythe and Dibden" members are now just a few and missing their staunchest supporter. He will be sadly be missed, but never forgotton, it would be impossible to do so.

Julian Chalmers - In 2010 I was training for the London Marathon when this message appeared on my sponsorship page......... "18.04.10 Good Luck Julian, I have attended 4 London Marathons cheering on my father in the 90's, so I am fully aware of just what an amazing event it is, Have a great Day, Best wishes, Tony Wood. Hythe & Dibden Cricket Club. 100 pounds" 

I was immediately touched by the generosity of the gesture bearing in mind I didn't actually know who Tony Wood was at that time! So I asked Chiv who I recall described Tony as 'the big jovial, larger than life chap who is the Club Chairman - you can't miss him' Never a more true word I thought when I finally tracked him down to thank him listening to his fond memories of watching his father run those many times previously....... Thereafter Woody would always take time to stop, chat, take an interest in how Kieran was doing and ask when he was gonna turn out for the Saturday teams... I then wrote to Woody as Club Chairman last summer about ideas to do with Colts Cricket, Tony's response as follows: I believe this is an excellent idea and I will forward this idea to the correct people.I think it is important in the Colts sections to encourage the players with a positive attitude and not just the highest average. I like the concept of the young Lads having to vote on their choice of best player, one I am 100% behind. I will aim to keep you updated on this issue, Many thanks, Tony Wood. 

Now for those who have been around cricket will know that it can take "decades" to make changes in cricket but not for be honest he didn't keep me updated and I forgot all about it BUT I realised on presentation evening this year that he didn't need to update me as he'd just gone ahead and already made all the changes happen one way or another. It showed that not only was Woody interested in the Colts but he had a positive get things done attitude for the Cricket Club that he undoubtedly loved and cherished along with all those in it. He's gone from us far too soon but the big smile will live forever in our memories. Tony Wood a great example to us all and forever part of Hythe and Dibden history.... Keep smiling Tony! 

Adrian, Tina, Sam & James Page - We only knew him as - “Woody”

The first time we met him we thought what a great guy.

He was a true inspiration to James He recently said he was his role model at work and at the club.

My family are all devastated by his passing and he will always be in our thoughts.

He is certainly a Man that had a Massive character that always made you laugh.

A Son to be proud of - Please accept our sincere condolences

Wayne Harvey Hythe & Dibden F.C Manager - Hythe & Dibden F.C would like to send our condolences to 'Woodys' family. I was shocked to hear the news of Woody over the weekend he was a larger than life charecter who will be sadly missed by all who knew him. I have known him for many years since playing football with him for The Lord Nelson ( and what a goal keeper he was) R.I.P Woody.

Steve Chiv - 17 years ago a lean, well groomed, well dressed (with iron clean whites) gent turned up for his first game for the Green Caps. - Yes it was Woody. Little did we know then that this guy would have such a great impact on our lives and our cricket club . More than anyone could have imagined.

His fantastic smile - his friendship to young and old - his practical jokes and the endless stories - it was just a privilage to be in his presence. At Thornberry Avenue the other week with his 3rd XI - I watched from square leg to see Woody scoring and surronded by the younger players who were captivated by one amusing conversation after another.

What a shame the doctors never sorted out Woodys legs and the youngsters could have seen what a fine cricketer Tony was. Smashing Zimbabwe test star Gary Brent for 3 consecutive fours when he we were playing for Burridge was proof enough for me.

I will never forget one midweek game. Woody had been on two dates with two different ladies earlier in the week. We were fielding and Woody turned to me and Northy and said ' Look whose turned up I could be in trouble in a minute'. (Date 1 had turned up to watch). 'Why' I said - because date number 2's coming to watch in a minute.

At 4.45 date 2 turned up so Woody had 2 ladies either end of the clubhouse watching him play. ' What am I going to do he kept saying' as the sweat was running down his face. As the clock turned 5pm - tea time - Woody shouted to the umpire ' one more over please' because he didn't want to go off the field. By this time the oppositon had caught wind of whats happening and were in fits of laughter. 5.10 and with no batsman left we had no choice but to walk off the field but the oppo decided to help out by forming two lines of players to clap us off and Woody did a 50 metre dash into the changing room and safety. Always a laugh a minute with the great man.

Last Saturday Woodys mum Christine emotionally said ' please don't forget my Anthony' How could we - he has given us all such a great deal of pleasure over the past 17 years and his memories will always be with us forever. 

Our Chairman and friend Tony Wood - an inspiration to us all.

Joe, Pauline and Ali Bryers. - Dear Tony, Why did you have to go? 

We really only had the pleasure of your company this season, Saturday afternoons will not be the same again.

Ali has enjoyed every moment playing for your 3rd’s and loved being in your company. I can’t tell you how supportive you have been, to you it came naturally. Thank you.

You were a man that Ali totally respected and wanted to play well for, he knew how important the club was to you. We hope in some small way he may carry that commitment and belief on. 

To Tony’s Parents and family – like everyone else we thought Tony was a brilliant bloke and are so very sorry for your loss. We can’t begin to imagine how difficult this must be for you but hope that you take comfort in these messages – they are heartfelt and meant sincerely.

Hythe & Dibden Cricket Club will always have a future, but that future will not be quite the same now that you are no longer sharing it with us Woody. We will all miss you.

Pete Stannett - It's difficult to add any more superlatives to those that have already mentioned about Tony. He was a genuinely nice guy who seemed to bridge the different generations. His humour was appreciated by all. He will be missed, but always remembered as a terrific person. Hythe & Dibden Cricket Club will never be the same without him.

Andrew & Greg Woods - Firstly, Me and Greg would like to pass our condolences onto woody's family and friends. His larger than life character will be sorely missed at the club and I imagine with all that knew him. 

I personally only met Woody for the first time 3 years ago but he was very welcoming. I got to know Woody well last year with being involved with the third team and also helping him with preparing the pitch on a Sunday morning. I along with many others in the club share fond memories of Woody, whether it be at the Hampshire presentation evening or at the club on a Saturday night he was always the heart and sole of the club. I have to also thank him for his interest in the colt's side of cricket at the club, this year he has been incredible supportive of the work that was done by all the colts sides and was proud of their achievements. 

Tony I will miss the long chats we have about virtually anything whilst the lads are in the field on a Saturday afternoon and picking at the left over sandwiches with you. Thank you Woody R.I P.'

From Gary, Ann, Becky and Matt Howe - Woody, it was a pleasure and a privilege to have known you, you were larger than life and to have been taken away from us so soon will leave a big gap.

You were a genuinely funny, warm, kind man, one of the best. You always made us smile and laugh and have given us so many moments to remember. You made everyone feel welcome and will be sorely missed.

We would like to send our condolences to Woody’s family, our thoughts are with you.

Woody, you were a great man and we will miss you – it’s time for us to brush up on our Jam – B- sides for the quiz.

RIP Woody.

Stuart Price - Australia - I hope everyone is ok at Hythe in what has been a very difficult year. If you could post the following on the website then that would be much appreciated. My sincerest condolences to Tony's family and to all the Hythe club for whom this must be such a shock. 

Tony was a terrific guy; not only funny but also an honest and genuine bloke. Even though I left the club 8 years ago he still always asked after me when he saw my Dad and even sent a card when I got married two years ago. It was an honour for me to play in the 'show' with such a legend. RIP Tony.

Dave & Janelle Ryan - Australia - Still a bit shocked at the news really. 

I was at Hythe for only one season, but it holds special memories thanks to the likes of Woody. Warm, genuine, friendly, funny. He was such a big part of the club: preparing the wicket, doing the teas, having a laugh after the game, knocking off the leftovers, giving me a lift home. I was always expecting him to come out to Oz for the Ashes. He would have given me a fair ribbing during the last one. 

I didn't get in touch often, but I'm glad that I had the chance - and the priviliege - to meet him. He was a great bloke.

Condolences to family and friends from myself and Janelle.

Tom Richards - It was a pleasure to have known such a lovely man, who will be sorely missed by everyone. Thanks to this leader the likes of myself and other youngsters got given the chance to ensure our skills were shown at senior level last year and because we got given that chance, we are all much better players in result of that. He was a man that everyone got on with and put a smile on everyones face. R.I.P Chairman. X

Simon, Sally, Charlie and Ellie Wright - Woody you were the best. Thank you so much for helping me grow up threw my younger days.

I had the best ever times with you at Hythe and Dibden Cricket Club ( Ok except with Sally and the family)

I will never forget our times together, spending many hours during the week or on a Sunday morning making sure our cricket pitch was ready for the game ahead.

Thank you for being our cricket chairman and our General. I will miss our hugs and high fives, I will miss you.

Miss you loads, love and big hugs from me, Sally and the children.

Derek & Jean Wright -It was a very sad day to learn of Woody’s untimely passing. To us both he was a truly charismatic character and friend.

He would always go out of his way to greet you with a warm welcome and cheery smile.

His friendship with our Simon was so very special and it helped him so much to deal with life and for this we will both be so very grateful.

As it has been said before, there are countless memorable tales involving Woody and they will live with us all and bring a smile when we are not feeling so bright.

Woody thank you for all these wonderful memories RIP x

Dom O'Brien - I am stunned to hear the news- Woody was a much loved character who I played football and cricket and drunk beer with on many occasions, and it was always with a joke and a smile when Woody was about, he will be greatly missed, my sincere condolences to his family. 

Ian Kenworthy - My thoughts & condolences go to Woody's family and to all who knew him. When I think of Woody all I see is a smiling face; all I hear is him laughing. When I now see a parka on a scooter (and especially if it's broken down at the side of the road) I'll be thinking of him. He was a special guy to have as a team mate and as a friend. Things were never dull when Woody was around !! He could have everyone; our team, spectators & opposition alike in stiches.

Although I haven't been around the club that much in recent years I knew that with Woody involved things would be better than OK. Teams & Clubs need people like Woody, we get involved in sport to enjoy ourselves and to spend time with people we want to be with and Woody certainly did that. He was one of the good guys. 

Ewan Bell - Woody was the man who gave me the chance to play senior league cricket for the first time whilst he was captain of the 2nd XI in the late nineties. Back then I was a colt trying to find my way in adult cricket and he had enough faith in me to bring me on to bowl 6 overs on my debut (back when I was a leg-spinner) and I was glad I was able to repay him with a few wickets in that game. He was always the biggest character at the club and his numerous anecdotes kept everyone entertained for hours. 

Kev McCarthy - Like many others I was extremely saddened to hear of Tony's sudden and unexpected passing from this world.

I had only known Tony these past few years since becoming more actively involved with Hythe & Dibden CC, and was immediately taken by his natural enthusiasm, friendliness and constant sense of humour! Without question, Tony would always give 100% for his beloved Club, and this was demonstrated in recent years to the limit by playing on the odd occasion (when short of players) for the 3rd Team on a Saturday despite his painful leg injury.

It's often been said that "many are called but few are chosen". In my view, Woody was very much chosen/selected (ahead of everyone else) to do what he was particularly good at achieving, and that was touching the hearts/souls of those around him. His life/innings may have been cut short early, but there can be little doubt that his personal legacy/love will live on for ever in the hearts and minds of his many friends at the Club and beyond the square at Jones Lane. Rest assured, his lasting spirit will live on for ever, and it would be Tony's wish that his friends continue to smile and see the funny side of life. His friends will not allow his memory to be forgotten. 

My deepest condolences go out to his devoted family and friends at this sad time. 

Chris & Sue Weall ( Managing Director SMS Supplies) - Though only met him a couple of times it was obvious that he loved the game and Hythe & Dibden CC.

His influence was massive and permeated through the club. Sue who is not a cricket lover, commented more than once that when we came down to Jones Lane and recently with the 2nds at Cadnam she felt included. Many clubs we have played for, saw family and spectators as a hindrance rather than part of the club’s family. An welcoming atmosphere starts at the “top” and in itself is a tribute.

Richard Last - It was with extraordinary shock and upset that I received an email telling of Woody's passing. There are really no words to describe Woody - his generosity and spirit were part of Hythe's makeup as a club. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have spent many a sunny afternoon (and perhaps more frequently!) evenings in the bar talking with Woody. I don't think I've met anyone with as many brilliant stories and anecdotes as Woody - all told in his trademark style with an incredible wit. 

It would be impossible to overstate Woody's importance not just to the club, but the impact he had on everyone involved - old or young - and the universal respect he received. As Mike said, Legend is an entirely appropriate term. My deepest condolences to all family and friends, Raising a Leffe to the General from across the pond. 

Southampton Travellers Cricket Club - Sending our deepest concolences to Tony's family and friends at Hythe & Dibden Cricket Club

Dave Guymer - Woody, I cant describe how much joy you have bought to my life. This wasn't just the hours of hilarious stories, the mocking of Froggett's hair or the general banter that would get thrown around but also the times when you would listen to a problem I was having and give advice I knew could trust. Just seeing how the guys that have just come through the colts set up look up to you shows that once someone met you they undoubtedly wanted more time in your company. 

To come back to the club and see you there after a game win or lose, always bought a sense of excitement and anticipation with it that it was just going to be a great night and Im missing you so much already. You made the club what it is today and its such a huge loss to anyone who has had the privilege of knowing you. My sincerest condolences go your family who must be so proud about the truly wonderful person you turned out to be.

Where ever you are buddy I know your still smiling, enjoying a leffe and that Richie's haircut isn't cool there. 

Ben Smith - I am shocked and devastated with the news about Woody. Please really do send my thoughts to everyone at the club dixie bowman robbie etc etc very very sad news very gentle and down to earth man. 

Luke Mills - I was very shocked to hear that woody had passed away, 

Woody was a great man, friend and a true gentleman, and It was a pleasure to have known woody and an honour to have called him my friend.

I shall miss the many stories he told of scooter rally’s and trips to Europe, and his presence on a Saturday night drinking down the club (the atmosphere will never be the same) .

Although woody is no longer with us, he has left us some awesome memories which we will shall reminisce over frequently.

My condolences to woody’s family and friends

Goodbye the General. 

Paul Whitlock - There are some people in life who leave an indelible impression with everyone they meet, Tony Wood was such a man, a rare breed who you warm to from the first moment you meet. I first met the great man many years back now and was immediately won over by his enjoyment of the game and life. 

An underrated cricketer, who when the chips were down for our club stepped in to the 'Show XI' and kept wicket admirably for a whole season and was one of the players responsible for the clubs revival. On his day a more than useful bat and had the best leg glance in the business. I did not get to play as much cricket as I would have liked with Tony, but whenever I did it was always a treat, and great fun on and off the field. 

Many of the tributes already posted talk about the memories of Woody and that's what was so amazing about the man we all have them and the stories about Tony will be told over and over as they like him were so special. 

My sincerest condolences to his Mum, Dad, family and his many friends. 

Pete Stevens Snr - Having spent many years playing cricket with Woody, I still can’t believe that I won’t be seeing him again. Woody and I spent many a Saturday afternoon playing the Yes/No game in mid wicket because we were both indecisive when it came to running! I’ll miss his help putting autumn dressing on the wicket, which we did together for many years. I’ll remember Woody as being kind, helpful, enthusiastic and, above all, good fun. He’ll be missed so much by everyone who knew him and my heart goes out to his family.

Pauline, Nick, Archie Gilbert - We only really met Woody this year when he asked Archie to play in his 3rd XI. Definitely a man who made a lasting impression. I am so pleased that I said thank you to him when he asked Archie to play but very sad that I will not get the opportunity to thank him for his lasting legacy that will live on through the youngsters he encouraged. Thank you to a lovely man - You will be missed.

Andy Armstrong - I worked with Woody at the Esso Fawley Refinery from 2005 to mid July 2011 in the Inspection Group. I have only just heard of Woody’s tragic death as I no longer work in Fawley. I wish to pass on my condolences to his family and friends. I benefited from Woody’s humour as well as passion for sport. In the ‘oldies vs youngies’ battle within the Inspection group (football matches and cricket) – Woody gave it everything to keep the oldies ahead and defend their pride. To this day the exact result of the battle is subjective but we all enjoyed the banter Woody provided afterwards.

I am just one of the many who will miss Woody. RIP.

Martin Anderson - I was lucky enough to be enjoying my 'golden era' when Woody arrived at the club. We played many seasons together for the 2nds and 3rds during this time, sometimes with me as captain, sometimes with him, but he always referred to me as 'Captain, my Captain'. 

Woody was one of those unique characters that always made you feel special and never took himself or anything too seriously. He was a reliable and significant member of any team he played in and he played hard both on and off the pitch. While I retain fantastic memories of Woody during our matches, I have equally great memories of him after the stumps had been drawn and those nights in the clubhouse and out and about in the Waterside area will always be part of the Hythe and Dibden CC that I will remember. 

A special guy who will be missed by all who were fortunate enough to know him. I shall never be able to look at the Adidas motif again without thinking of Woody! Cheers Tone!

Adrian de Jager - April 2010 was the day I first arrived in England, the day I met Woody.

I lived with him for four months whilst playing cricked for the Hythe & Dibden (water buffaloes) cc. After many trips with Woody to Lyndhurst, spending time at the club and many days’ and nights watching Come dine with me I must say wad a blast. It was a big shock when I heard the devastating news and I still can’t believe it. I am very privileged to have known such an honest, cheerful and kind man; he was just a great person.

I just want to send my heartfelt condolences to Woody’s family and friends I hope that you can find a way to numb the pain that you have suffered.