Junior Cricket

Junior Cricket commences indoor training in early January at Noadswood School on a Monday Evening.

The Under 9s & 11s train first followed by the older groups

We then move outside from mid April and continue training on Monday Evenings @ Jones Lane through the season.

Andy Addleton (UKCC LEVEL 2) is Head Coach ~ andy.addleton@hotmail.co.uk

Dawn Bowman is the Clubs Welfare Officer ~ dawn_bowman@outlook.com


By registering for All Stars Cricket, your child will be guaranteed eight weeks of jam-packed fun, activity and skills development. 

The programme is suitable for all children new to cricket and sport as the sessions are designed to teach the basic skills of the game. Every child will earn stars as the weeks progress that match the skills learned during the programme: 

Batting – hitting a moving ball

Throwing – underarm and overarm

Catching – small and large balls

Bowling – overarm

Running – lots of movement

Teamwork – fun games with friends

Communication – the basics of cricket

Spirit of Cricket – how to respect others

Open to 5-8 year olds

More to follow early in the year